OBD2 Digital Gauges

At Premium Diagnostic Equipment, we stock cutting-edge OBD2 gauges designed to elevate your driving experience. Our curated selection features top brands, including AUTOOL and Konnwei, offering advanced technology and features that redefine the way you interact with your vehicle.

OBD2 gauges go beyond conventional instruments, offering accurate and swift real-time data to optimise fuel efficiency and monitor crucial engine parameters. Uncover valuable insights into your vehicle's performance, allowing you to make informed decisions on the road.

Did you know that a significant portion of fuel consumption is attributed to speeding, accelerating, and braking? Our OBD2 gauge displays empower you to take control, providing the information you need to drive more efficiently and economically. Upgrade your driving experience with technology that puts you in command.


AUTOOL X60 Heads Up Display Trip Computer | OBD2 Reader

Revolutionize your driving insights with the AUTOOL X60 Heads Up Display Trip Computer. This Heads-Up Display not only provides real-time data but also serves as a comprehensive OBD2 reader. Monitor essential parameters like vehicle battery voltage, generator charging voltage, fuel consumption, KMPH, MPH, and coolant temperature. The X60 offers additional features such as over-speed and high engine temperature alarms, live data streams, and the ability to read and clear engine fault codes.

Key Features:

  • LCD Display for menu and test result visibility.
  • Multi-functional display includes speed, water temperature, voltage, average speed, fuel consumption, and more.
  • OBD Diagnose function for reading and clearing engine fault codes.
  • User-friendly interface with intuitive controls.
  • Automatic light sensor for screen adjustment.
  • USB connector for device connectivity to PC.


Konnwei Digital OBD2 Gauge & Scan Tool:

Experience precision and customization with the Konnwei KW206 Digital OBD2 Car Gauge. This high-resolution colorful LCD screen displays real-time parameters of your car, providing a comprehensive view of its performance. The KW206 allows system parameter settings, OBD data stream settings for refined fuel consumption calculations, and customizable alarms for parameters like engine speed, driving speed, engine water temperature, and engine voltage.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution colorful LCD screen for real-time parameter display.
  • OBD Diagnose function for reading, clearing, and monitoring data flow.
  • System parameter settings for user customization.
  • Alarms for RPM, VSS, ECT, and VOL exceeding set values.
  • Diversified display of automobile parameters supporting real-time display of 95 pieces of data.
  • Support for OBD2 full protocols, including J1850 dual protocol.
  • Fast data update rate, low latency, and quick response.
  • Compatibility with most OBD2 compliant vehicles.


Upgrade your driving journey with our OBD2 gauge displays  – your gateway to a more informed and enhanced driving experience. Explore precision and performance with AUTOOL and Konnwei, available at Premium Diagnostic Equipment.