Battery Testers

As a trusted name in the industry, Premium Diagnostic Equipment proudly offers a curated selection of battery testers from reputable brands such as Autel, Topdon, AUTOOL, and Ancel.

Explore our comprehensive range, featuring popular battery tester models like the Topdon BT200, Topdon BT300, and Autel MaxiBAS BT506. Discover why our car battery testers stand out in the market:


Why Choose Our Battery Testers?

Trusted Brands:

We exclusively carry battery testers from renowned brands such as Autel, Topdon, AUTOOL, and Ancel. These brands are synonymous with accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Versatile Compatibility:

Our battery testers are designed to cater to a broad range of 12V and 24V batteries, ensuring compatibility with various vehicles and battery types. No matter the application, our testers deliver precise results.

Various Testing Standards:

Our battery testers support multiple testing standards, including CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, and GB. This versatility ensures that you have the flexibility to test batteries according to different standards.


Whether you're a novice or an experienced professional, our car battery testers offer hassle-free operation and deliver precise results. Experience the convenience of accurate battery diagnostics with ease.

Multiple Language Support:

Many of our battery testers feature multiple language options, providing global accessibility. Language options enhance user experience and make our testers suitable for professionals around the world.

Compact and Portable:

Our battery testers are compact and portable, offering convenience for use in various locations. Take your battery testing capabilities wherever you go with our portable and easy-to-handle testers.

Additional Accessories:

Enhance your diagnostic capabilities by exploring our range of battery tester add-ons compatible with scan tools from Launch, Autel, and Topdon. Upgrade your toolkit for a comprehensive diagnostic experience.


Choose Premium Diagnostic Equipment for reliable car battery testers suitable for a wide range of batteries from 6V to 32V. Elevate your battery diagnostics with our trusted brands and exceptional features. For inquiries or assistance, contact us at