Jump Starters

Whether you're an on-the-go driver, a versatile user, or a professional adventurer, our carefully curated selection of jump starters caters to your specific needs. Explore our three popular models, each designed with unique features to provide reliable solutions in critical situations.

Topdon JS1200 1200A Jump Starter 12V Power Bank:

Tailored for On-the-Go Drivers

The Topdon JS1200 is crafted for those constantly on the move, making it an ideal companion for daily commuters, adventurers exploring remote locations, and individuals valuing self-sufficiency. With a peak amperage of 1200A, a 10,000mAh battery capacity, and notable features like IP65 waterproofing and dual USB charging ports, this jump starter ensures you stay prepared on the road.

Topdon JS2000 2000A Jump Starter 12V Power Bank:

Versatility and Reliability Combined

For users seeking versatility and reliability, the Topdon JS2000 is the perfect choice. Boasting a powerful 2000A peak amperage, this model is suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from compact cars to SUVs. With features like an EVA carrying case, 16000mAh power bank, and "Boost" mode for emergency jump-starts, the JS2000 delivers robust performance for various scenarios.

Topdon JS3000 3000A Jump Starter 12V Power Bank:

Engineered for Professionals and Adventurers

Professionals and adventurers demanding exceptional performance will appreciate the Topdon JS3000. With an impressive 3000A peak amperage, this jump starter is designed for heavy-duty vehicles, making it a favourite among mechanics and travellers. Features like 9-step smart charging, dual temperature monitoring, and the ability to start an engine with a 0%-capacity battery set this model apart.


Choosing the Right Jump Starter: A Simple Guide

Selecting the right jump starter can be overwhelming, but our simple guide is here to help:

Extra Features for Easy Use:

Look for additional features like built-in flashlights and USB outlets for added convenience.

Lithium-Ion Jump Starters:

Lithium-ion jump starters are popular for small to regular vehicles due to their small and lightweight design.

Models with Batteryless Starters:

There are some models on the market that don’t require their own battery. They rely on power from your vehicles battery to get going.

Heavy-Duty Jump Starters for Big Vehicles:

If you have a large vehicle like a trucks, boats, or big car, you will need a jump starter with a more powerful battery.

Check for Cranking Amps:

Ensure the jump starter has enough cranking amps for effective engine starting. The bigger the amps, the more power the unit has to start your vehicle.


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