Launch Scan Tools

For nearly 30 years, Launch has been a symbol of innovation and reliability in the automotive diagnostic industry. Today they are the world's largest manufacturer.

Why Choose A Launch OBD2 Scanner:

Launch has a rich history of continuous evolution, adapting to technological advancements to provide state-of-the-art tools for automotive professionals and enthusiasts. Each Launch product reflects their commitment to innovation, reliability, and precision. From basic code reading to advanced system diagnostics, Launch tools unravel the complexities of modern vehicle systems.

Choosing a Launch OBD2 Scanner means not just opting for a quality product but gaining access to unparalleled global support. As the largest scan tool manufacturer worldwide, Launch ensures users receive top-notch technical support.

Our Customer’s Favourite Launch Scan Tools:

Our top-rated Launch scan tools showcase the pinnacle of technology, design, and performance.

Our customer’s three most popular models include the Launch X431 ProS V5.0, Launch X-431 CRP919X, and Launch X431 V+ with Smartlink C 24V Module. Here’s why they stand out:

Launch X431 ProS V5.0 Diagnostic Scan Tool:

Boasting an Android 10.0 system, 2.0GHz quad-core processor, and 8-inch screen, the Launch X431 ProS V5.0 offers unparalleled performance. With 2 years of free updates, this tool covers 110+ brands, supports 37+ special functions, and excels in functions like bi-directional control and injector programming. Choose the ProS V5.0 for advanced diagnostics, the the optional ADAS calibration function for added revenue possibilities.

Launch X-431 CRP919X Diagnostic Scan Tool:

The 2023 Launch CRP919X is the ultimate OBD2 scanner, supporting new DoIP and CANFD protocols. Its Android 10.0 OS, 1.5G 4-Core CPU, and 7-inch touchscreen ensure efficient operation. With 29+ maintenance services, including oil reset, IMMO keys, and DPF regeneration, this scanner covers 100+ car brands. The bi-directional control/active test feature allows direct commands to the vehicle's ECU for comprehensive testing and diagnostics.

Launch X431 V+ With Smartlink C 24V Module:

The Launch X431 V+ designed for 12V and 24V systems is a mechanic's best companion for comprehensive vehicle and truck coverage. The Smartlink C 24V Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Module supports active tests, key programming, ECU coding, and 20 service functions. Its industrial shockproof design ensures durability in repair shops. You will benefit from bi-directional control, online updates, and two years of free software upgrades.


For detailed specifications and compatibility of each model, please visit our website.

Whether you're a seasoned mechanic tackling complex diagnostics or a DIY enthusiast exploring vehicle systems, Launch scan tools empower you to navigate with confidence. Experience excellence in automotive diagnostics with Premium Diagnostic Equipment and Launch Scan Tools. For inquiries about compatibility or assistance, reach out to our dedicated support team at