Basic Scan Tools

Welcome to Premium Diagnostic Equipment, your trusted source for basic scan tools designed to simplify vehicle diagnostics. In our "Basic Scan Tools" category, we offer entry-level OBD2 car code scanners to empower beginners and enthusiasts alike. Explore our selection from leading brands such as Launch, Topdon, Foxwell, Nexas, AUTOOL, and Ancel.

Discover the capabilities of our popular basic vehicle diagnostics tool models, including the Topdon Artidiag AD600S and the Launch X-431 CR3001, designed to simplify your car diagnostic needs.

Key Features of Our Basic Vehicle Diagnostics Tools:

Quick Engine Fault Code Diagnosis:

Identify and understand the reason behind your CHECK Engine light with quick and efficient engine fault code diagnosis.

Clear the Check Engine Light:

Take control of your vehicle's health by clearing the CHECK Engine light with ease.

Live Data Monitoring:

Monitor engine sensor live data in real-time, gaining insights into your vehicle's performance.

I/M Readiness:

Ensure your vehicle is ready for emissions testing with I/M Readiness functions.

Comprehensive Tests:

Perform Oxygen Sensor Tests, On-board Monitor Tests, and Component Tests for a thorough diagnostic experience.

Limitations and Ideal Use:

Our basic car code scanners specifically communicate with the engine control module. If you have a CHECK Engine light on, these tools are perfect for diagnosing engine-related issues.

However, they do not communicate with ABS or airbag systems. If you're dealing with ABS or airbag light issues, consider advanced vehicle diagnostic tools for comprehensive diagnostics.

Perfect Choice for Beginners:

Our basic vehicle diagnostics tools are ideal for beginners or anyone seeking a user-friendly OBD2 scan tool. Easily diagnose and monitor engine/fuel system sensors on any OBD2 compatible vehicle. These car code scanners also come with a minimum twelve month warranty for peace of mind.


Choose Premium Diagnostic Equipment for reliable basic vehicle diagnostics tools, exceptional performance, and expert support. For inquiries, contact us at and unlock the simplicity of vehicle diagnostics with our "Basic Scan Tools" category.