KONNWEI KW510 Battery Charger + Tester + Repairer

KONNWEI KW510 3-in-one Battery Charger + Tester + Repairer

12V 4Ah-100Ah car battery can be charged fully within 12 hours

Battery Test : Test batteries either IN/OUT of the vehicle accurate results in milliseconds, analysis result with Good or Replace.

Large and easy-to-read Test results based on CA,CCA,BCI,MCA,JIS,SAE,EN,DIN and IECS Standards.

Vehicle cranking system test, cranking time,voltage and status. vehicle charging system test load voltage,unloaded voltage,ripple status and charging system status.

Battery Recharge : 12V 4Ah-100Ah car battery can be charged full power within 12 hours

 Battery Repair : Restore the capacity of the battery by repairing the car battery, extend the service life of the battery, and improve the performance of the battery.

Application: For all automotive cranking lead acid battery, including ordinary lead acid battery, AGM flat plate battery, AGM spiral battery, EFB and Gel battery, etc. 


Even if the positive and negative poles are connected reversely, there will be reverse protection and will not damage the battery.
Provides unique indication of battery conditions.Besides,this analyzer also provides check the Alternator's charging and Starter's cranking conditions..

Able to test condition of discharged battery, Consistent and repeatable results.

Never discharges or drain the battery.
lt is maintenance-free and no internal batteries required.
Powers up when connected to the battery posts during testing.

Safe charging trickle charger

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